Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 15 Recap: “Blood, Sweat, & Fears”

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The Khloé and Lamar relationship has been at a low simmer since the beginning of the season. It was never far from Khloé’s mind or her storylines — whether she was battling with Rob (Rob and Lamar have always been notoriously close) or cruising in a classic car in Cuba with Malika. This week, the heat got turned up, and the simmer turned into a slow boil for Khloé with the divorce papers being filed. Again. Also this week, Scott has a birthday in Las Vegas, and things almost get complicated, and Kris Jenner wants to work out. Again, a TV family that was built by and for drama is scrambling to make their manufactured conflict fit their oversized pop culture footprint. In the category of too much information and not of the interesting kind, Kris shares with Scott over lunch that she went to the doctor because she was feeling tired and didn’t have a lot of energy. The doctor ran some tests, and now she has to send in a stool sample. “Welcome to 60,” she says. This is a strange direction for a reality show on E!, more Golden Girls than is the network norm. Scott reassures Kris that she’s rocking 60 like a 40-year-old. Kris isn’t so sure. She’s on a mission to work it out, just like in her old aerobics videos. Scott shakes off his lunch with Kris and shows up at Khloé’s house to invite her to his birthday party. He is concerned that she won’t want to go because he and Kourtney aren’t together anymore. Khloé is into it, though, and is looking forward to the night out and the family dinner in Malibu the night before. At Kourtney’s house, Kris is making good on her resolution to work out, joining Kourtney and her trainer Don in one of Kourtney’s hard-core workout sessions. Kris tells Kourtney and Don that she ran track in high school. She’s worried that she hasn’t been working out enough, and she wants to push herself. Meanwhile, Khloé is on the phone with a lawyer talking about Lamar’s health care decisions. She and Lamar are finally going through with the divorce, but there is the lingering issue of Lamar’s medical problems and who will be responsible. The lawyer tells Khloé that if it happens again like the last time and Lamar isn’t of sound mind that Khloé will be able to make his medical decisions. Khloé says that Lamar asked for this contingency. She says they have spoken about the divorce and about her making any necessary decisions for him regardless of their marital status. This is sad on so many levels and, as a viewer, it is hard to know how much of this lingering relationship between Khloé and Lamar is for public consumption and how much of it is real. Scott’s birthday comes up at Kris’s house between Kris and Kourtney. Kourtney is undecided about whether or not she should go to Las Vegas for his party. She doesn’t want to give him the wrong idea. They have gotten to a good place with their relationship and their co-parenting. She doesn’t even want to entertain a conversation about getting back together.
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Later, also at Kris’s house, Scott finds Kris on the sofa with an ice pack on her knee. She complains that she went too hard in her workout with Kourtney and Khloé that morning. Scott is concerned she’s pushing herself too much. He suggests she might try water aerobics. He says she and Corey could learn the big dance move from Dirty Dancing. Scott takes his concerns to Kourtney and Khloé. He reminds them that their mom is not 30 even though she might act like it. He tells them they should consider something more Kris’s speed sometimes. Kourtney agrees. She loves working out with her mom, but she needs to find something a little more low intensity. This is all well and good, but doesn’t make for super interesting television. Kris makes a stop at Khloé’s house to check-in and also check-up on whether Khloé has talked to Rob. She continues to bemoan the fact that Rob and Khloé aren’t speaking right now. Khloé points out that there hasn’t been any effort on his part. Khloé is going through a lot with the divorce this week, and she could use her brother. “I’m missing him so much,” she tells her mom. These are the moments, scripted or not, that do feel real. Khloé wears her heart on her sleeve. Not having her partner-in-crime Rob has taken its toll. When Kim stops by Khloé’s, her little sis snaps at her. “Don’t try and act like you care,” Khloé says. Kim is taken aback but explains herself by saying that they all support Khloé in the divorce, and they don’t want to say anything that might make her change her mind. “You shouldn’t live your life just to wait and see,” Kim says, her advice echoing her sentiments from last week’s episode. Scott’s birthday dinner at Nobu is an easy-going affair. Rob’s not there because of Chyna. Kanye is at home resting with Saint. All’s quiet for sushi by the sea. Later, Kim urges Kourtney to go to Vegas, for Khloé’s sake. Khloé wants to go, and Kim thinks that Kourtney should go with her. Kourtney is still concerned about Scott but decides that she feels bad for Khloé and wants to do this for her sister. On the plane to Vegas, it does appear that her worries about Scott were founded since he teases her about having sex and making out for pretty much the whole flight. Even so, the party in Las Vegas is the nightclub equivalent of the dinner at Nobu: relaxed and a good time. Back in LA, Kris has decided she needs to intervene with Rob and Khloé given Khloé’s current stress level. Kris tells Rob that he needs to talk to his sister. He gives Khloé a call. Khloé is legitimately excited. “This is the best phone call ever,” she says to Rob. They make plans to see each other the next day. “Dad would not be happy with either of us right now,” Khloé says, referring to their long period of not speaking. Rob agrees. Before the Rob meet-up, though, Kim and Kourtney have a surprise for Khloé. They order in some take-out from The Beverly Hills Hotel and get new matching pajamas. It’s time for some girl time by the pool. Kim wants to make sure Khloé knows that they care about what’s going on with her. “I just want you to feel loved,” Kim says to Khloé.
Since it’s been all of about 10 minutes since we talked about Kris and her new workouts, the episode can’t end without checking in on her. This time, the surprise is from Kourtney and Scott. Kourtney has gotten two Pilates machines for Kris’s home gym. Now, they can work out together. Also, excellent product placement from the Pilates machine manufacturer because Kris makes sure to mention the company’s name. She might feel like she’s not in the best shape, but Kris Jenner is never slacking off when it comes to building the brand.
The long-awaited meeting with Khloé and Rob finally happens. After the fighting and awkwardness, they move through some final awkwardness into a better place. Rob just wants everyone to be happy. Khloé wants her brother back. Is this a final resolution for this particular drama? Probably not given that Rob and Chyna have a reality show of their own on deck, but at least Khloé and Rob leave it with each saying, “I love you.”

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