Robert Kardashian’s Spirit Still Watches Over Kris Jenner

Photo Credit: Marion Curtis/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
It looks like Kris Jenner has a someone watching over her, and it's her late ex-husband, Robert Kardashian. At least, according to last night's episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. The 20-year-old clairvoyant headed over to Kris' Calabasas home for a one-on-one session with the reality TV mogul. Kris laid out a few props to get the reading going, including a leather-bound book that once belonged to Caitlyn Jenner, Kris' most recent ex. Using the book, Tyler asked if Kris knew a "grandfatherly figure" named William, which Kris said was the name of Caitlyn's late father. Next, Tyler brought up how Caitlyn's brother died in a tragic car accident. "When Caitlyn was Bruce Jenner and competed in the Olympic Games, somebody had loaned Bruce a brand-new Porsche sports car, and Burt took it for a spin and he accidentally went off the side of the road or did something and was killed in the car accident," Kris explained. "It was really, really sad and he was so young and really looked up to his big brother." Tyler said that both Burt and William are together in the after life. Next, the two talked about Robert. Tyler mentioned the word "monkey" asking if that had any meaning to Kris. "He's having me say 'monkey' and...joke about someone's nickname being monkey," Tyler said. Kris confirmed that not only does that animal mean something to her, it also has extra special meaning for her daughter Khloé. Kris confirmed that Robert, who died of cancer in 2003, had a monkey stuffed animal when he was a kid, and now it belongs to Khloé. Tyler added that Robert was joking about their windows, for which Kris said she was soon getting treatments. "In O.C., you never know who's watching over you or listening to your window conversations!" she joked upon hearing that piece of information. It just makes you wonder what other crazy things Tyler has heard. Watch a clip from the episode, below.

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