A New (Affordable!) Brand For Petite Babes

When you're petite and into fashion, it can feel like you're in a world that wasn't made for you. Getting your pants tailored is basically a requirement, and there's a fine line between going for the "oversized" look and just looking like you're drowning in the season's latest trends. Sometimes, you end up paying extra for less clothing, or shelling out the same amount you paid for your pants just to get them restructured for your body. So when a store comes along that's made for small frames specifically, it's sweet, sweet relief. That foreign feeling of being able to wear something right off the rack is within reach, and suddenly, all is right in the world.
That describes how I felt upon discovering Petite Studio, a new petite-only brand that I found on Instagram months before its website even launched. I watched it like a hawk and waited with bated breath to dive into all of its short inseams and miniskirts that will actually look mini on my short legs. And when the site went live this week, I was pleased to not only see items made for my size, but ones that are actually cool and on-trend. I'm snagging minimalist staples, bomber jackets, and polo dresses that are ready to be worn as soon as they hit my doorstep — and nothing's over $150.
Sure, the brand launched with only about nine styles — and the size range itself is pretty petite (XXS to S, only) — but I'll be checking back frequently for more, because one less thing I have to get tailored makes a whole world of difference. Click on to shop Petite Studio in all its bite-sized glory.

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