Chrissy Teigen Did NOT Call Amber Heard A Gold-Digger

Chrissy Teigen churns out Twitter gems like it's her job. But the social-media maven's biting sarcasm can sometimes go right over people's heads. And this week, a characteristically caustic tweet of Teigen's was wildly misinterpreted.
The context: Teigen was commenting on a story about Amber Heard's recent divorce settlement with Johnny Depp. When Heard first wed Depp, and again when she filed for divorce — charging him with domestic violence — some people were quick to slap the "gold-digger" label on her. Then, last week, Heard announced she was donating all of her $7 million settlement to charity — the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. On Monday, Dish Nation tweeted out a story titled "Amber Heard Hushes ‘Gold Digger’ Accusations."
Teigen pointed out the obvious takeaway here: Heard is awfully charitable for a gold-digger. She retweeted the Dish Nation post, along with her reaction. "Well she donated all 7 million to charity so she would be actually be the Robin Hood of gold diggers," she wrote.
But unfortunately, Twitter is not always the most sarcasm-friendly place. Many actually thought Teigen was calling Heard a gold-digger, when she was clearly doing the opposite. One person tweeted, "srsly? Expected better from u than name calling. Its bc of reactions like these ppl in abusive relationships dont speak up."
Teigen took to Twitter again to clarify herself. She responded to one tweet, "wasn't a dis to amber at all - was for everyone calling her one in the first place." Come on, people. Chrissy wouldn't pull that.

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