Is Beyoncé On Her Way To Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion?

Photo: Splash News.
Surprise, surprise: Beyoncé has slayed us yet again. (That's unsurprising, of course, seeing as Queen Bey is the living, breathing example of the cautionary "slay trick, or you get eliminated" mantra.) But we digress. Bey was seen last night at the Hands of Stone premiere, channeling Romy White and Michele Weinberger in a blazer cum dress cum full-on-boardroom moment that has us, well, freaking the F out. Not only was Beyoncé giving us Sasha-Fierce-gets-a-corporate-desk-job realness, but Jay, too, was at the office churning dollars millions for his wife and kid in his very own slate gray suit. But — jokes aside — we're very into the his-and-hers vibe they've got going on. Perhaps not since Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' Canadian tuxedo moment at the American Music Awards in 2001 have we seen a matching combo that produces such a visceral reaction as this. Like, is this her outfit for the #BoycottBeyoncé party, or...? The blazer-mini combination, by Parisian label Pallas, is all too Clueless meets walking down Wall Street carrying the (first) bigger-than-your-head cell phone meets Barbie Goes To Work, and we're here for every bit of it. Thank you, Beyoncé, for spicing up the '90s conversation that's happening right now. And thank you, Usher (Usher!), for Snapchatting this moment out to people like us, who have since traded the traditional work wardrobe for something a little more...casual.

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