This Harry Potter Fan Theory Proves Professor Snape Is Literally The Worst

Photo: 7831/Getty Images.
Nearly a decade since the last of the Harry Potter books came out, we're still having some surprising revelations about the characters, thanks to a few devoted fans on Reddit. Last week, redditor always934 revealed something that may permanently alter how you think about one of the series' most controversial characters. In several scenes in the books, the characters have to sit through detention with Professor Snape. Snape was undoubtedly a stern professor, and his detentions reflected that. He assigned the characters some pretty grueling jobs, from pickling rat brains to disemboweling toads. What crosses the line from stern to downright evil, though, is how he decided who got which of these tasks. Neville, always934 pointed out, had to slice up the toads — and he owned a toad. Ron, who was fond of his rat, Scabbers, got the rodent brains. (Good thing Hermione tended to stay out of trouble. We couldn't have handled a cat-related chore.) As Yahoo points out, Snape's typically considered a morally ambiguous character, debatably either merely strict or outright malicious. But we have to say that after reading this, we're leaning toward malicious.

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