25 Snape Memes In Honor Of Alan Rickman

When this article was originally published last week, it was to celebrate the 56th birthday of Harry Potter character Severus Snape. Today, it's to remember the actor who played him, Alan Rickman. As reported earlier, Rickman died of cancer January 14 at age 69, leaving millions of Potter fans heartbroken.
Though the mood has transformed from celebratory to somber, we're paying tribute to the acting legacy Rickman left behind. Something tells us we'll be seeing a lot of these circulating around the web for a long time to come.
This story was originally published on January 8.
J.K. Rowling fans know that the beloved author has an eye for detail. Even the most minor Harry Potter character comes with a backstory, right down to his or her lineage, sexual orientation, and religious background. They also get birthdays. And guess who's celebrating his this week?
That would be one Severus Snape, who, according to Potter experts, would be turning 56 on January 9. It's hard to imagine a more sulky birthday boy, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate for him. We'd settle for a round of firewhisky shots and some chocolate frogs, but they're pretty hard to come by. How about we bust out some clever Snape memes instead?
Click through for 25 memes inspired by your favorite Slytherin (and hopeless romantic).

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