8 Kanye Superfan Predictions For Yeezy Season 4

Regardless of your opinion on Kanye West — his music, his clothing line, his outbursts, his family, or any and all of the above — it's impossible to deny that Yeezy has created a global fashion phenomenon (or, as the artist himself says, "jumped over Jumpman") — with his sneakers, Life of Pablo tour merchandise, and items from his first, second, and third seasons racking up ridiculously long lines and even more ridiculous resale prices. That's why, when West announced he'd be opening 21 #PabloPopUps across the globe (we're talking everywhere from New York to Berlin to Singapore), we knew his most loyal fans would be lining up for blocks (and, let's be honest, hours) to get their hands on a piece of arguably the most popular merch of 2016. Luckily, we got a sneak peek at the NYC space, its New York-specific tees and sweatshirts, and Sonos's new white SUBs (which were blasting music from the album) before the doors even opened. After I admittedly spent more than I'd like to say on what are really glorified Hanes T-shirts, I chatted with diehard Kanye West fans (like myself) about what they think Yeezy Season 4 (which is set to make its debut on the first day of New York Fashion Week) will be like. Read what they had to say below and let us know: Are you excited for West's new collection? Is it going to be the same nude palette and stretch fabric of seasons past? Or do you think he's going to turn things completely on their head?
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Inside New York's Life of Pablo pop-up.
"I went to the fashion show at Madison Square Garden. I like the shirts, but I don't like the pants whatsoever. But [this season], I think the new Yeezys are going to come out, and [the collection] is going to look totally different." - Mark

"He might switch it up. It's not going to be too far off Season 3, but it's going to be something different." - Ulysses

"I'm a big Kanye fan, but his clothes aren't really my style. I think they're going to look pretty similar and plain, like they always do; it's kind of like that homeless-man swag." - Derek

"I think it's going to be pretty similar, too, but maybe with some other colors, and maybe some more stitch-ons. " - Valerie
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Yeezy Season 3.
"Season 4 is going to be more colorful than Season 3, maybe with some limes and stuff like that. And I think there's going to be a lot of denim. I don't think it will be at Madison Square Garden again, though; he doesn't do the same thing every time. I think it's going to be bigger, maybe at the Barclays Center." - JP

"The new collection is going to be really unique, something that not a lot of people are expecting. I think it'll be really different from what it is now." - Valeria

"He's probably going to stick to the same nude palette, because that shit's selling like crazy." - Cory

"Kanye never fails, he never disappoints, that's number one. So I know it's gonna be dope, it's gonna be something different. But, you know, when you bring something different to the table, there's going to be a lot of criticism, a lot of opinion, and a lot of controversy, and that's what Kanye West is. I'm ready." - Jay

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