Watch Kendall Jenner Share Her Craziest Story About BFF Gigi Hadid

On the heels of her first-ever U.S. Vogue cover, Kendall Jenner answered 73 questions for In the video, she shares her favorite memory from her mother's house (sneaking out late at night) and the craziest rumor she's ever heard about herself (that she's having Justin Bieber's spirit child). She also says that she wishes people would focus more on her ass, that her favorite sister of the moment is Khloé, and that she'd be most likely to steal items from Kim's closet.
But our favorite moment is Jenner's story about her BFF Gigi Hadid. When the interviewer asked about the "craziest time" Jenner and Hadid have ever had together, Jenner revealed: "One time when we were in Cannes and pulled an all-nighter and ended up in Monaco." If only we could've been flies on the wall for that adventure. The interviewer also asked Jenner to explain — in as few words as possible — how Hadid and Jenner are related. "Her stepdad is my half-brother's stepdad...ex-stepdad," Jenner explained. So, now you know.
Watch the full video, below.

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