Ruby Rose Needs Margot Robbie's Hair For A Very Good Reason

Ruby Rose is a big fan of comics. In fact, she even has a shrine dedicated to her passion. The actress' collection includes issues of Superman, Spider-man, Swamp Thing and Deadpool, along with some nifty Suicide Squad memorabilia. But there's one thing the Aussie is missing from her shelves. And it's sitting on Margot Robbie's head.
"When you just added some Harley Quinn to your shrine but now you just need @MargotRobbie strand of hair," Rose tweeted alongside a photo of her shrine. That's right. She needs some locks of hair from the actress, who plays Harley Quinn in the movie, to complete her collection.
Rose, 30, tweeted at Robbie again with a more direct appeal. "Dear @MargotRobbie do you know where I could find a strand of your hair for a Harley Quinn fan? Asking for a friend..." she joked. (She is joking, right?) No response yet from Robbie. Keep dreaming, Ruby!

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