We Translated This Hebrew Article On Chrissy Teigen For Her & It’s Quite Surprising

Chrissy Teigen posted a shocking photo of an article about herself in an Israeli entertainment magazine. The piece is in Hebrew — but the ridiculous caricature accompanying it was enough to turn Teigen off. The illustration depicts Teigen with a gigantic head, massive forehead, and bikini-busting breasts. It seems like it would be an unflattering article about the model — calling her an airhead, maybe. "I dunno if I want this translated," Teigen joked on Twitter.
Well, we decided to find out what the article was really saying about Teigen. An R29 staffer who speaks Hebrew gave us the gist of the piece. And, much to our surprise, it's positively glowing. According to her, the piece praises Teigen for speaking her mindcalling out social injustices like racism. It points out her tweet about the lack of diversity among the Miss Teen USA pageant finalists as an example. The writer even refers to the Twitter warrior as "The All-American Girl of 2016" and says we need more people like her. So, there you go, Chrissy. I guess the big head was supposed to show your brains and bravery?
Meanwhile, people are responding to Teigen's tweet with translations of their own. "You're the magazine's 'woman of the week' for speaking up about racism, etc.," said one person. "Lede says you aren't quiet about social injustice and get lots of vitriol back, but it doesn't stop you," wrote another. Sounds about right to us.

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