Proof That Chrissy Teigen “Just Gets” Kim Kardashian

Everyone needs that friend who's there to offer support when even the most minor thing bums you out. Maybe you broke a nail five minutes after getting a manicure. Maybe your Bumble crush ghosted you. Maybe you're Kim Kardashian and your beloved BlackBerry bit the dust. Fortunately, the reality star has Chrissy Teigen in her life. Kardashian took to Snapchat to document the floral bouquet Teigen sent with sympathy for "her loss."
"I'm so sorry for your loss," Teigen wrote in the accompanying card. "I know how much you loved your BB. You were both very lucky to have each other and you will always have the memories." Kardashian was clearly touched by the gesture. “You guys, how thoughtful is Chrissy?" she said in the Snapchat video. "She sent me this floral arrangement. She just gets me." She continued to gush about her pal on Twitter.
And that, folks, is reason No. 531 why we want to be friends with Chrissy T.

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