Kim Kardashian West's BlackBerry Died, & She's Losing It

Update August 5th: Chrissy Teigen sent Kim a hilarious condolence card and a floral arrangement for her loss. That is some true friendship.

When you've had a phone forever and it finally dies, the pain is real. Today, Kim Kardashian West is feeling that pain. A longtime BlackBerry user, her trusty old Bold finally croaked. She's now sharing her existential crisis in a tweet storm on Twitter.

Kim, we have the answers for you. While you might still be able to find an old BlackBerry on the internet somewhere, if you go with a new one, the experience is going to be just as foreign as if you switched to Android (well, mostly because it runs Android now).
Two iPhones? Sure, you could do that. But we think you should opt for a new Samsung Galaxy Note7 or a Galaxy S7 instead. For both phones, Samsung makes a BlackBerry-like keyboard case, which you'll find comforting and familiar. (It's only $60, so for you, that's like pennies.) But these phones are also waterproof, so they'll be able to withstand the waterfall of tears you'll shed as you continue to mourn your old phone your first few days without it.

Once your mourning is done, you'll realize you've got a great new phone that's decidedly different from your iPhone experience. In the case of the Note7, its included stylus ("S Pen") offers some incredibly useful features, such as the ability to take notes on the lock screen. This would be handy in your important Kim Kardashian: Hollywood or Kimoji business meetings.
Kim, you will survive, we promise. And your new phone will be stronger, faster, and savvier — just like you.

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