We’re Calling It Now: This Sleeve Trend Will Be Huge Come Fall

There's no denying the off-the-shoulder top has been the trend for spring and summer. The only problem with the style is, as soon as fall rolls around, your shoulders likely won't be taking center stage anymore (chilly temps ruin all the fun). So, what's going to replace the off-the-shoulder blouse as the next It silhouette?
Our bets are on the baby bell-sleeve top. Though this cut has been around for seasons, this particular update (which features a small bell that starts at the mid-forearm or wrist and can extend anywhere from the knuckles to completely covering your hand) hits that current sleeve-interest the fashion world has been gravitating towards lately.
Sure, it's not quite as dramatic as some of the billowing, oversized sleeves or the spaghetti-like extra-long versions we've gotten tastes of in the past, but that's part of what gives this smaller detail such a good chance of catching on: It's trend-forward and still practical and wearable enough to hit the masses. Plus, it can take shape in everything from blouses and sweaters to sweatshirts and outerwear, which means it has the potential to dominate multiple categories.
Since fall merchandise is just beginning to roll out, the baby bell-sleeve isn't everywhere quite yet. The pieces ahead, though, will help you catch on early. Let us know in the comments if you, too, can see it becoming the next big thing. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more brands adopting this trend as we inch closer to the end of summer.

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