This ’80s Brand Is Making The Vacation Pieces Of Your Dreams

Even if you're not familiar with London-based brand Hunza G, you'll likely recognize its product, because A. Your mom sported one of the line's fluorescent, super stretchy swimsuits in the '90s, B. Julia Roberts' infamous cutout dress in Pretty Woman was a Hunza G special, and C. Exactly one-third of the Saved by the Bell wardrobe was made by it. Okay, the last one is a lie. But still, it's pieces have stood the test of time. And, if fashion editor and blogger Pandora Sykes has anything to do with it, Hunza G. will be making its way into our wardrobes
Hunza G. used to be just plain old Hunza, but that was before designer Georgiana Huddart grabbed the label by its collar and pulled it back from the brink of extinction, where it clung to the backs of '80s fitness instructors and old cast members from John Hughes films. Fast-forward to 2016, and Huddart has worked with Henry Holland on his spring/summer 2016 collection and has dressed an array of London It Girls (including Georgia May Jagger). So, when we heard she was teaming up with Sykes, her former school pal (who, TBH, is one of our most frequently searched people on Instagram), on a special five-piece capsule collection, we got pretty excited. Then we saw the pictures, showcasing beach-ball colored, puff-shouldered crop tops, frill-trimmed bikinis, and asymmetrical one-pieces, and, well, we can confirm that this is a swim line you'll be willing to shill out the (semi-big) dollars for. To celebrate the launch, we caught up with Huddart and Sykes to chat '80s power shoulders, Bardot, and which swimsuit Suki Waterhouse has already chosen for herself.
Why should every woman own a Hunza G. piece?
Pandora Sykes: "Why shouldn't they?! I'm constantly struck by how strong the brand identity is; everywhere I go, people are wearing a Hunza bathing suit. I think once you become a Hunza girl, you're converted. They're super comfy, really kind to the body (they stretch with pregnancy, for example) and have this fun, iconic history to them." Georgiana Huddart: "They're flattering, fun, and make you feel good."

How did the collaboration come about?
PS: "I think we were having a cup of tea, and I just said: 'We should do one! Why haven't we done one?' And Georgie went, 'I have no idea. Madness. Let's do one.' It was very quick and easy." GH: "We've been friends since we were 14, so it seemed like a very natural thing to do."
In the lookbook, you quite clearly show how the pieces can be worn not just as swimwear.
PS: "We really wanted there to be some blouses in there, too. For example, I am wearing the Sharon blouse now with a skirt and mules."
The big shoulders are very '80s, in the best way. How would you style that?
PS: "Gloriously '80s, aren't they? And really stiff to touch, which I love, because it elevates it. I actually got the idea from an amazing vintage dress Georgie has. She wore it to my bachelorette party; it has these huge shoulder puffs, and it got me thinking. I wear [the top] with black denim, or a miniskirt, or for evening with black trousers. I can't wait to wear the red one on vacation with a denim mini. It makes you look like a flamenco dancer, which is my go-to emoji."
Which piece would you wear out to dinner?
PS: "Sharon, for sure. She's my fave."

"The Debbie, in black."
How would you style the lace-fronted suit?
PS: "I think it's a great vacation piece. Although an editor friend of mine said she'll wear the white one to New York Fashion Week, so I'm psyched to see how it gets styled in an upscale, 'fashion' way too. It would look cool with a wrap-over midi-skirt, or a flouncy J.W.Anderson-style ruffled skirt, because it's super fitted with a bit of sass."
How does the collaboration combine both your personalities?
PS: "It's named after Essex girls. We are born (in my case) and bred (in Georgie's case) Essex girls."
GH: "It marks a 14-year friendship that has come to a point where we both could combine our skills and work together. I had a Hunza bathing suit when I was younger, and so did my mom." What accessories look best with a Hunza G. swimsuit?
PS: "Personally, I think minimal. I love the sportiness of them, and I don't think you want to go over-the-top. Perhaps some gold hoops or a bandana. Or, you could go full '80s with a scrunchie!"
Who would you love to see in the collection and why?
PS: "We've already had some great girls place pre-orders: Leandra Medine requested the white Denise; Suki Waterhouse has the red bikini with pink trim, and Yasmin Sewell asked for the Debbie in yellow. I'm excited to see any sassy girl in them! To be honest, the greatest compliment is when your friends like them." GH: "Rihanna! She would look great in the frilly swimsuit." Your #TBT vacation icon?
PS: "Brigitte Bardot." GH: "Cindy Crawford still looks iconic on the beach."
Photo: Courtesy of Hunza G.
Georgina Huddart and Pandora Sykes.

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