Demi Lovato Might Have Just Revealed A Secret Justin Bieber Snapchat

Demi Lovato posted a pair of interesting snaps earlier Friday. The singer is on tour with Nick Jonas but recommended that fans follow a pair of accounts that could either be secret versions of hers and Justin Bieber’s social media or they could be an insanely low-stakes ploy by a hacker. The snaps recommended that fans follow “sirjustinbizzle” on Snapchat and @DemiLovatoDLR on Twitter. Here, look at the screenshots. Weird, right?
Well, we did some highly thorough investigating (clicking onto the Twitter page and briefly following the Justin Bieber Snapchat) and have come to a conclusion: This is a hack. Demi, you’ve been hacked. This gives Lovato something in common with the DNC and apparently the Clinton campaign, so she’s seemingly in excellent company. It could be the same person behind the Sarah Silverman hack, taking revenge for Lovato speaking at the convention. Then again, those hacks were used to do something significant. Directing people to follow obviously fake celebrity fan accounts is only devious if you inherently believe that there’s something deranged about being so committed to a celeb that you base your entire online persona on that commitment. But we would never suggest something like that.

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