20 Teen Choice Awards Throwbacks That Are So Bad They’re Good

Photo: Frank Trapper/Corbis/Getty Images.
The Teen Choice Awards (which are this Sunday) aren't exactly watched for the red carpet moments. But during the early aughts, it showcased some of trends that were so bad they're almost too good to not revisit. We're talking sparkle belts, pirate shorts, and a whole lot of midriff. The photos you're about to see will send you back to a time when watching celebrities get a bucket of slime dumped on them was actually funny, and Hot Pockets were the best after-school snack.
But, of course, revisiting fashion trends of yore is always fun because: A. Chances are, you committed the same style crimes. And B. We're still following some of the same celebrities today, and they've made such a style 180 that they're basically unrecognizable. We promise your faves in the slideshow ahead will deliver a such a steaming hot cup of TB-tea that you may even think about digging some butterfly clips out of the bottom of your chest of drawers and slapping them on Instagram tomorrow. We can hear your inner teen screaming already.

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