Here's The Ultimate Way To Escape This Brutal Heat Wave

We're all suffering through this horrible heat wave, which means we're also having recurring dreams about an arctic getaway. And we just may have found the perfect destination to cool down — but it's definitely not where you'd expect. It's a ski slope in Dubai.

How in the world is there a ski resort in one of the hottest cities on earth, you ask? Well, this ski slope is special. It's inside the Mall of the Emirates, which famously has even more crazy fun than the Mall of America. According to Gulf News, the indoor ski slope, which was built in 2005, is now getting an upgrade that will allow travelers to spend the night on the slope starting this Friday, July 29. Now that would surely cool us down.

Of course, the slope is man-made, but temperatures are around 25 degrees, which sounds really nice right about now. Travel & Leisure reports that a night on the slope for two costs $204. That price comes with some perks, like two extra hours of slope access, zip-lining fun, and refreshments. And don't worry; you aren't expected to pack your own gear. Gulf News reports that for the nightly rate, you and a guest will be provided with waterproof gloves, jackets, and hats, and each tent will come equipped with sleeping bags and a thermal mattress. While the idea of taking a vacation inside a freezing-cold mall attraction may sound kind of odd, we'll do pretty much anything to escape this sweltering heat right now.

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