Let’s Talk About What Crossbody Bags Do For Your Boobs (Because, Admit It, You’ve Noticed)

Crossbody bags are like the little black dress of the handbag world. They're more practical and versatile than any other silhouette, and chances are you and all your friends each have one. There's just one — or, erm...two — things that can get in the way, and they're called your boobs.
Anyone who's shopped long and hard for the perfect crossbody or worn one for any length of time knows that when they're good, they're really good, and when they're uncomfortable, they can make you question all of the purse-buying choices that led you to this moment. If you've ever lugged around a too-heavy bag, you know what we're talking about: One sore shoulder, a bruise-blister-hybrid where the buckle's been rubbing all day, and a lumpy, bumpy, frankly unflattering situation where the strap crosses your chest and causes your shirt to wrinkle up.
The right crossbody, though, will not only suit your personality, but it'll fit you well, too. And, sure, maybe this isn't a fit that's quite as important as the bra you're wearing underneath, but we've found the style that will work flawlessly for you and your cup size. Strap one on, ahead.

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