The One Thing You Need To Know About Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are everywhere. They're at the Oscars, on the red carpet, and in each other's movies. They're in beauty tutorials, diets, weddings and on Instagram. But here's a dirty little secret: Disney princesses are boring. (Even Blake Lively knows it).
So, if you're a die-hard princess fan, you might want to stop here. This is a space for celebrating the overlooked and misunderstood ladies of your childhood movies. So grab a seat, make yourself comfortable, and let's talk about Disney villainesses.
I've always been drawn to the so-called bad girls of Disney rather than the protagonists. Even as a kid, Ursula seemed far more interesting to me than Ariel. Lady Tremaine, with her flaws and insecurities, was far more relatable than our poor put-upon Cinderella. And what woman cannot sympathize with the Evil Queen from Snow White? Feeling like you're being replaced by a sweeter, fresh-faced ingénue is no picnic.
The thing is, most female Disney villains aren't truly evil. (I say "most" because nothing can really explain Cruella de Vil's behavior.) What makes them "bad" is most often their actions, which usually reflect a negative — and stereotypically female — character trait.
The women listed here are not perfect — they are VILLAINS, after all. And lest you curse me to eternal slumber, I'm in no way defending their actions (because persecuting your stepdaughter and forcing her to be your maid is bad). Yet it's their complex motives and inner lives that make them so fascinating — much more so than, say having porcelain skin and rose-red lips. These women aspire to more than just a happy ending. If that makes me a villain, sign me up.

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