Makeup Artist Uses Tutorials & Her Hijab To Transform Herself Into Disney Princesses On Instagram

There’s a whole range of requirements to be a proper Disney Princess — a sense of adventure, a singing voice that sounds just like Lea Salonga. But failing that, a hijab, a good makeup brush, and amazing artistic talent works pretty dang well. Malaysian makeup artist and Instagrammer @queenofluna is recreating herself as Disney princesses using only the magic of makeup and her hijab — and the results are amazing. Her crazy recreations are spot-on. Can we say that using the scalloped edge of the hijab fabric to create texture in Belle's hair is inspired?
She's not limiting herself to just the princesses, though. She's also done recreations of villains, like Maleficent, Cruella de Ville, and Jafar. The self-proclaimed comic geek has even done her own hijab-ed version of comic book characters, like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. Or if you really want to get crazy? She also has non-human characters, like the Cheshire Cat and cyborgs. Girl, are you on YouTube? We could really use some Halloween tutorials.

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