These Are The Most Germ-Infested Spots On An Airplane

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Airplanes are some of the most germy places around, according to a new report from Drexel Medicine. While germs are a normal part of public transportation, airplanes are especially gross, since you're sitting in close proximity to other people and there's no way to escape the germs and bacteria. Drexel Medicine compiled the six most germy places on a plane — and all of them are basically unavoidable. Break out the sanitizer for these. Seat pockets are disgusting, according to the report. Some passengers use seat-back pockets as a trash bin and they can be full of everything from napkins to nail trimmings. Avoid it at all costs, including the germy in-flight magazines inside. Go to the bathroom before getting on the plane, since plane bathrooms can breed bacteria like E. Coli, according to Drexel. Even though it may be uncomfortable to put your laptop on your lap, it's better than using the plane's tray tables. If you have to use the tray table, wipe it — and basically everything around you — down with a disinfectant wipe. Don't accept a pillow or blanket; they're often recycled from other passengers. Worst of all, don't use the touchscreen to watch movies or TV shows. Everybody who has been in your seat before you has touched that screen, too. Planes are nasty, so travel with caution this summer. For tips on how to avoid airplane germs, Drexel Medicine has some remedies, here.

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