Kate Middleton’s Hairdresser Swears By This $13 Princess Brush

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Kate Middleton basically looks like she steps out of a shampoo commercial every time she leaves the royal palace. My brief photo research for this story confirms this to be true. It's perfectly coiffed, has just the right amount of bounce, and her curls are fit for a princess (or a duchess, in her case). But her hair routine has been largely shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that it's all created by the magic hands of her hairdresser Richard Ward. He recently gave tips for his famous Chelsea Blowdry (which we can only assume Middleton has been getting from him for the past 10 years as a client). He divulged the tools and choice products he uses for the style — and the first step is straight out of a fairy tale.
Before starting any style, Ward combs through wet hair with the Tangle Angel — which is priced at $13 on Amazon — to "lift the hair and really get to the cuticle," he explained, completely bypassing its adorable pink color and heart shape. We can only hope it's stashed in the vanity of our favorite IRL Disney princess. Ward doled out some other solid advice — like not using too much product, and not zhuzhing the hair too much while blowdrying to avoid frizz — but our minds keep going back to that princess-pink brush. Whether Middleton actually uses it is unclear, but we'd like to imagine the Duchess slowly brushing her hair with it every morning and evening, Marcia Brady-style. Forget precious gems: This is the stuff of royalty.
Editors' note: A previous version of this story stated that Kate Middleton uses the Tangle Angel brush. While her hairstylist often employs the brush for blowouts, he cannot comment on her specific styling routine. The post has been updated to reflect the change, and her routine will continue to remain locked behind palace doors forever.

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