President Obama On The 2016 Election: “Orange Is Not The New Black”

President Obama is going out swinging. Obama appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to reflect on his eight years in office. He and Jimmy Fallon revisited a 2012 sketch from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in which the duo slow-jammed the news. Accompanied by The Roots' slow jams, Obama listed some of the achievements the country has accomplished during his two terms as president. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, and the health care law, along with several other issues, got shoutouts in the segment. "Climate change is real, health care is affordable, and love is love," Obama said. The president's struggles to work with a Republican-led Congress didn't go unnoticed, either. "When Republicans gave him lemons, he made so much lemonade that Beyoncé started calling him 'Baracky with the good hair,'" Fallon said on the show. The segment also wasn't complete without a dig at presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. When Fallon asked Obama if he'd been following election coverage, Obama responded, "No, but I have been watching my new favorite show, Orange Is Not The New Black." Check out the full clip below — and yes, the rumors are true, it includes Obama singing Rihanna's "Work."

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