The Only Hair Tools You'll Ever Need For Natural Hair

Natural hair isn't just about cleansing conditioners, curling creams, and a kick-ass vibe. Other factors to consider are a good haircut, a bit of styling savvy, and finally (drum roll, please) the right tools.

Last week we posted a no-nonsense guide to taking care of your curls during the summer; today we're all about a few trusty items that can make your life that much easier. From a deep-conditioning cap to the dopest detangling brush around, these buys go way beyond the basic hair pick. Maintaining your coils can often feel like a second job, but with these tools hopefully it'll feel less full-time grind and more freelance joy. Click through to check them out.
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For ladies with natural hair, detangling can be an ordeal (and that's putting it mildly). It's usually what takes up 70% of our wash days. And likely, a wide-tooth comb for minimizing unnecessary breakage is already in your repertoire.

But the Double Detangler from Ouidad is unlike any regular ol' comb. The double rows glide effortlessly through hair, untangling each and every snarl with minimal tugging. It also allows for fewer strokes, which ultimately means less hair loss.

Ouidad Double Detangler, $26, available at Ouidad.
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For sectioning my hair when detangling, I swear by those long metal clips hairdressers use. That being said, they always manage to slip out at the worst moments, and they're never sturdy enough to grip large sections. The Croc Clips are the much-needed answer. They're large, strong, and best of all, will not budge.

Croc Clips, $8.99, available at Sally Beauty.
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If you're part of the curly club, you likely deep-condition once a week. (Or know that you probably should.) This cap from Hair Therapy makes the chore both easier and more effective. Warm it up in the microwave, wrap it around your head, and don it for up to 30 minutes. The heat generated from the microwave enhances the absorption of your conditioner, meaning softer tresses in less time. Yes, yes, yes.

Hair Therapy
Wrap Thermal Turban Heat Wrap, $28.95, available at Curl Mart.
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We're guessing you've also got a clunky diffuser tucked way in the back of your cabinet — it might be time for a replacement! This bad boy from DevaCurl may look like a Pixar character, but the concept is no joke. The five-pronged attachment allows you to really get to the roots — like, um, an actual hand — thus drying your hair thoroughly and quickly. Also, the universal attachment will work on any blowdryer.

DevaFuser Diffuser, $44.95, available at Ulta Beauty.
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Keep your edges in check with this stiff, but soft brush. Your updos will be forever grateful. Another option: a regular toothbrush (one you're not actually using, of course).

Evolve Perfect Edge Bamboo Brush, $4.49, available at Target.
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It's easy to overlook the importance of taking care of your scalp. This vibrating scalp-massage shampoo brush sloughs away dead skin cells, dirt, and debris while stimulating circulation and promoting hair growth.

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush, $40, available at Vitagoods.
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Losing hair is inevitable, but clogging your drain during wash day doesn't have to be. This easy-to-clean strainer catches lost curlies, meaning you don't have to dig 'em out (or gross out your roommates) every time you shower.

Hair Catcher Bathroom Tub Strainer, $4.65, available at Home Depot.
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I swear by spray bottles for refreshing my curls. Mix water with your favorite leave-in or oil, then spritz on in the a.m. (or after a long day of work). I've even invested in a mini one for travel: It's the best $4 you'll spend.

Erico Assorted Colored Round Spray Bottle, $3.99, available at Sally Beauty.
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A silk pillowcase (or scarf, or bonnet) minimizes friction so curls stay coiled, not frizzy or damaged. It will also make you feel très fancy.

Slip Pillowcase, $79.90, available at Slip.
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