The Best Natural Hair Tutorials On The Web

I’ve never been one of those people who spends a ton of time watching YouTube videos — aside from the odd must-see viral or music video, the 'Tube's never really been my thing. Until, that is, I started my natural hair journey.
If you’re natural, thinking about going natural, or in the transitioning process, you’re probably already aware how much of a saving grace YouTube can be. The site serves as an incredible resource where women share styling tutorials and personal experiences, allowing those in need of guidance to glean insight and advice.
But, as much of a blessing as it is, it can also be a curse. It's easy to get sucked into the endless how-tos — some better than others. So, to save you precious time, I’ve compiled some of the best and most helpful natural hair videos I’ve come across. From the basics of twist-outs to how to master the 'fro-hawk, check out my picks ahead. And, feel free to share your faves in the comments. Because, who am I kidding, there’s no such thing as too many tutorials.
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Pineappling is easy enough to master once you've got the method down. And, sometimes you gotta learn by doing. This video, from the ladies of NaturallyCurly, demonstrates the three-step process of protecting your curls at night. It clocks in at less than two minutes, so the "ain't nobody got time for that" excuses will not cut it.
When I was recreating Rihanna's look from the iHeartRadio Music Awards for our Halloween Cheap Challenge story, I quickly realized that I have no clue how to do Bantu knots. But, I figured, it couldn't be that hard, right? Wrong. I quickly became frustrated and turned to the good ol' 'Tube for help. Vlogger Samirah Gilly clearly explains how to achieve the style by showing the proper twist-and-wrap method on herself. It's a great look not only for natural girls, but for those transitioning.
Twist-outs are, I would say, one of the most popular hairstyles among natural girls. But, unless someone has walked you through how to create them, it's kind of hard to get the hang of it. Popular vlogger Naptural85 puts a new spin on the go-to style. Her tutorial is clear, easy to follow, and, above all, works (I'm a walking testament). The video doesn't have almost 1.3 million views for nothing.
While everybody's day-to-day hair routines differ, you never know what you might learn from someone else's approach. Blogger Bianca Alexa breaks down her wash-and-go method, telling us about finger detangling, what she uses for co-washing, and how she achieves her envious curl definition.
Looking to switch up your usual Bantu or twist-out look? The 'fro-hawk is a cute, edgy way to style your natural tresses. YouTuber ImShineStruck offers a technique that's quick, easy, and doesn't require an entire jar of gel or a million pins to achieve.
TheChicNatural gives a thorough tutorial on how to use straws (yes, drinking straws) to get defined, bouncy curls — something that's notoriously hard to do. Sure, it might take a little longer than a typical twist-out, but just look at her end result: It's flawless.
As much as you may adore your curls, sometimes it's nice to try out something new. My Natural Sistas (a channel run by three different women with varying perspectives on natural hair) shows you how to safely straighten your strands without worrying about heat damage.
While many women go to the salon for perm rod sets, popular vlogger MahoganyCurls shows you how to accomplish them on your own — while saving a few dollars in the process.
As life-saving as natural hair tutorials are, they can also be a tad over the top. The music! The product promotions! The end-result posing! Comedian Akilah Hughes (harmlessly and hilariously) pokes fun at the more ridiculous ones out there. Hey, you've gotta admit there's some truth to it.

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