Paris Hilton Proves You Don’t Need ID To Get Through Airport Security

Matteo Prandoni/BFA/REX/Shutterstock
Paris Hilton ran into a potential issue when she lost her passport. She ripped through her luggage, finding reams of Paris Hilton pantyhose, but no passport. “The passport search is not looking good,” she said in her Snap story. Then she posted a video of herself with the bunny filter and another with the tropical one. After going to the supermarket to buy candy bar-branded ice cream, she was off to the airport. Without a passport, you ask? Yes, without a passport. But there wasn’t an issue. The TSA agent was first-named and they just…let her right through. What gives? Turns out, you can totally fly without government-issued ID. There are a host of other forms of identification that will allow you onto a plane, but even if you don’t have something on that list you can still board. Anything with a picture on it — school ID, Costco card, you get the idea — will allow the agents to start the process to allow you onto the plane. What usually happens is that you’ll have to fill out a TSL 44 form. That’s a form — including vital data like social security number, name, and home address — that allows the TSA to perform an on-the-spot background check. They’ll ask a series of questions and probably make you do a little more screening (think pat-down.) This official blog post details exactly how unworried you ought to be. Of course, being Paris Hilton can’t hurt.