This Is NOT Why Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Broke Up

Unless you've spent the past 24 hours in a deep Netflix k-hole, you've probably heard the news that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, Instagram's favorite blond couple, have allegedly called it quits. And in the grand tradition of people placing blame where they shouldn't, folks on Twitter and IRL are claiming that Swift's new platinum hair is to blame for the split. (FYI, neither of them has yet confirmed the breakup.) This is, of course, bullshit. Aside from the fact that we're automatically assuming Harris broke up with Swift (who's to say she didn't kick his Scottish tush to the curb?), these claims are thinly veiled declarations that a woman's worth as a partner is wrapped up in her looks. This idea isn't new. Flip open any women's magazine, or log on to certain websites, and you'll see all sorts of guides detailing how women "should" primp and preen themselves to catch a man. And, as much as we'd like to believe we've moved on from this antiquated way of thinking, those standards are still pervasive in 2016. Hell, I even believed it myself before I took the plunge and dyed my own hair platinum. We're all made to think that in order to attract and keep a man (as if all of us want to do that...), we have to have certain hair colors and textures, wear certain makeup, and have bodies that look a certain way.
It's a toxic message to be sending — and not just because of the pressure it puts on women. Conversely, it also makes men out to be piggish jackasses who only stay with women for their looks. And, sure, there should be attraction on both sides for a relationship to flourish, but I highly doubt that after 15 months of what Swift has described as a "magical relationship," one trip to the colorist would dismantle the whole thing. These hurtful comments also perpetuate the idea that a woman's grooming habits are completely tied to her relationship. God forbid a woman wants to express herself by dyeing her hair or swiping on dark lipstick. Yes, let's diminish her autonomy by assuming the impetus behind her decision-making is her partner. Do some people dye their hair to mark relationship changes or breakups? Sure. But are platinum locks the reason behind this breakup? Probably not. And if it comes out that Harris did, in fact, call things off because of T's platinum makeover, I'll be first in line at the colorist to dye my hair purple in solidarity. (Not to mention, lace up my thigh-high boots and join her squad for a good ass-kicking.) This is 2016, people. Grow up.

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