Justin Bieber Is Now An Illustrator

Justin Bieber is one of our greatest artists. First, his music is now actually really good. Second, his body of work is winning major fans in the fashion industry. Third, he’s now using his problematic hairstyle choices to give money to charity. And, finally, who could forget his wonderful basketball skills. Now he’s adding another weapon to his multi-threat creative arsenal. That’s right, Justin Bieber is now a pen-and-ink illustrator. Calm down. Breathe. We know. He's the latest of the youngish white male stars to branch out into fine art. While he's not yet reached the height of, say, a James Franco, he is at least on the correct ladder. Atop the ladder sits, of course, the legendary Shia LaBeouf. If Bieber continues down his artistic path, things like "being punched in the face by Orlando Bloom," "scuffling with Desiigner," and "pissing in a mop bucket while yelling 'Fuck Bill Clinton'" will become daring performative expressions instead of whatever it is you currently think they are. Fingers crossed. For now, Bieber posted an illustration of music video director, photographer, and friend Alfredo Flores and it’s…well, it’s an illustration. “The picture to the right is not a photo I drew this perfect masterpiece in only 7 minutes I know it looks like I must have spent days even months but know this beautiful art piece only took minutes,” Bieber captions his picture. At least he’s already writing like a fine artist! All that’s left for Bieber to do to gain acceptance in the fine art world is smoke American Spirits, attend gallery shows wearing all black and not speak to anyone or acknowledge that there is art in the space, and develop weirdly smug opinions about good bars in downtown NYC. So, that should be a snap. Check out Bieber’s masterpiece below.

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