This Is Justin Bieber’s Latest Bar Brawl

Justin Bieber has been so good lately. Outside of some minorly appropriative hairstyles and other animal-related controversy, the singer has been more or less quiet. Until recently. Bad Bieber seems to be making quite a comeback. First, he was in this beer bong-related brouhaha. Now, a full-on bar brawl. It all started, as these things do, when Desiigner stepped on Bieber's shoes during a performance at 1OAK in New York.
Bieber shoved him, a ruckus ensued, and then things quieted down. Classic nightclub fight, all bravado, and then Desiigner leaves while still singing “Panda.” One Twitter user says she saw it all and that Bieber fainted after the fracas.
Before you say something like, “Who is that? She wasn’t even there.” She would like to assure you, via video, that she indeed was. That's Justin Bieber smoking while singing near a piano. Bravo.
Bieber had his own vague subtweet-y take on the situation.
So his response is basically the celeb equivalent of a teen saying “I hate fake peaple.” But “fake peaple” are the media. And he’s here to set the record straight via saying he loves people. The facts seem to be that Bieber gave Desiigner the boot while Desiigner was still singing Panda. That’s legendary. We hope he’s still singing it. But one thing is clear: We should all be going to 1OAK more often.

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