Orlando Bloom Punched Justin Bieber In The Face

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Honestly, what is the world coming to when two extremely wealthy, debatably attractive men can't enjoy a luxury vacation in Ibiza without coming to fisticuffs? Legolas (a.k.a. Orlando Bloom) and the popular kid in high school whose attitude everyone is not-so-secretly over (a.k.a. Justin Bieber) brawled it out early this morning at Cipriani. There's even grainy video footage of the whole Sharks-versus-Jets (well, Hobbits) kerfuffle.
Bieber allegedly provoked Bloom when the former's entourage strolled by a table where the latter's was posted (in our imagination it was packed with hobbits and elves). Justin took the walk-by as an opportunity to make an off-color remark about Orlando's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. This prompted Bloom to take a swing at Bieber. After the punch was thrown, Justin reportedly screamed, "What's up bitch?" because Justin Bieber thinks he lives in an episode of Entourage.
This beef has actually been brewing for years. "Justin partied with Orlando's then-wife Miranda Kerr after a 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC, and they got VERY close," TMZ reports. This spring, Orlando was spotted with Selena Gomez, who Instagrammed this photo of the pair. That's Seth Rogen standing next to Bloom. It was also around this time that Rogen began his anti-Bieber crusade to the media. "So the bad blood is flowing," TMZ writes.
Seriously, you two. You're rich. You're on vacation in Europe. Can't you take a page out of the Leonardo DiCaprio playbook and take your aggression out with a Super Soaker? (Gawker)
Up next, watch it all go down.
The photo that started it all.

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