This Toilet Plunger Contouring Tutorial Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

A video posted by Tim O (@skelotim) on

Do you all remember the Instagram makeup magician who went viral after matching his bomb-ass beat face to snacks? Well, the hilarious vlogger is back at it again — and his latest video is just as entertaining. Tim O (also known as @skelotim on Instagram) uploaded a post expressing how fed up he is with people "using knives, spoons, forks, and dildos in their makeup tutorials!" (Hey Tim, you forgot Louboutin stilettos.) A few days later, he decided to film his very own video showing just how far these tutorials have gone. "A lot of people always ask what my contour routine consist of... So I thought I'd film it for y'all," he writes. He starts the video by taking a sneaker and placing it on the side of his face to begin his sculpting. "Don't be surprised if you get dirt on your face, it's part of the process," he writes. Next up: He grabs a Swiffer to do the other side. For the top of his head, what better than a plunger? "Put it around your forehead to contour... It works wonders!" he explains. Oh, and don't forget about the cat-eye. For that, he uses a gardening tool. "Grab a shovel to do your winged liner, it's the best way to do it, and grab your favorite liner!" he writes. "Mine happens to be a bootleg Sharpie from the 99 cent store." The last and final step: "Drop the stupid ass objects and just use a motha fuckin' brush." We're all for creativity in the makeup department — and using whatever products and tricks you damn well please — but dude does have a point.