Kim Kardashian Takes Pregnancy Tests Mid-Flight On Snapchat

Photo: Via Snapchat.
Pictured: Kim Kardashian shows off a pregnancy test.
Kim Kardashian is a relative newcomer to Snapchat, but she seems to have quickly warmed to the idea. How else to explain last night's TMI-ish Snapchat spree? The reality star revealed to fans over social media that she might be pregnant with a third baby. Over Snapchat, she showed off an assortment of pregnancy tests with the caption "panic attack." Then she explained that she would be taking the tests in the bathroom on her airplane as she was flying out of L.A. Really, why wait? "I'm legit in an airplane bathroom and I'm going to take a pregnancy test because I'm having a little bit of a scare," she explained in a Snapchat video. But no, there won't be another Kimye kid just yet. Kardashian revealed the Clear Blue wand informing her that she was not pregnant. False alarm, folks. Some people are calling bullshit on the whole thing, however, accusing Kardashian of staging a publicity stunt. To be fair, Scott Disick did just get busted doing a product placement.
Anyone got a grain of salt we can borrow?

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