Things I Would Buy If I Didn’t Have To Pay Rent

Anna Gray is a writer and model living in NYC. Wanting to make something productive of her procrastination habits, Anna started the newsletter Things I Would Buy if I Didn't Have to Pay Rent (a mouthful, yes, but a title and an elevator pitch in one). An aggregation of everything from clothes to cars, the newsletter is a​ ​small corner of the web where you can satiate your own shopping aspirations.
For Refinery29, Anna's bi-weekly column of the same name will feature selections from her newsletter alongside some exclusives for our readers. Browse her favorites and don't forget to sign up for #TIWB to see the full gamut of Anna's deepest internet wants.
Not to jinx it, but it seems like the sun is finally here to stay. To most, this means getting outside, eating ice cream, absorbing vitamin D, etc. To me (and you because you're reading this shopping article) it means I start thinking about how to transition from 68 degrees to 95. It's only going to get hotter from here on out, guys! My slideshow this week has everything we both need to stay cool on the subway when the AC is down (plus a couple of things for the three spring days we'll have, too).