Update: TSA Head Says Security Wait Times Will Be Long This Summer

Update: If you were hoping that you were going to spend less time barefoot while waiting for a scanner and more time barefoot on a beach this summer, well, don’t hope too hard. The head of the TSA said on Friday that long airport security lines were likely to continue throughout the peak summer travel season, the Associated Press reported. Peter Neffenger told officials at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport that the organization was doing “everything we can to mitigate” waits, but that lines were predicted to continue. “I think you’ll still see crowds in airports,” he said.
Despite Congress allocating $34 million in funding to the TSA, Neffenger said that it’s not enough to address the shortage in screeners that contribute to the waits. The money will be used to pay overtime to existing staff and hire an additional 768 screeners, mostly in large hubs, like O’Hare. This story was originally published on May 14, 2016.
As fun as travel is — visiting family, friends, and new places – the act of getting there can challenge even the chillest among us. Travelers are fed up and have been using the hashtag #IHateTheWait to express their frustration over two-hour (and more!) lines at security check in. The TSA has finally responded and is promising to work to fix the issue.
And it's not just those of us stuck waiting in line who are over it, the airlines and airports are frustrated, too.
The Secretary of Homeland Security is promising to speed things up, CBS This Morning reports. The TSA says the delays are being caused by a shortage of security officers and an 8% increase in travel. The secretary outlined plans to add more officers and canine teams to busy airports, but also added, "I do not characterize this as a national crisis."
Another issue? Lost baggage and mix-ups. Yesterday in Phoenix, a "glitch" stranded 3,000 pieces of checked luggage. The bags did not make the flights their owners were on — imagine being on vacation without your shoes and blowdryer. So much nope to that scenario. People were understandably unhappy.
As were these travelers, who shared these #IHateTheWait complaints on Twitter.
Of course, if you pay the TSA $85 dollars and let it fingerprint you, you can breeze through security without even taking your shoes off.

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