Chloë Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Are Adorable In This New Instagram

Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are fast becoming an iconic Instagram couple. Their matching shoe pic is a great, adorable example of celebrity dating done right. Hell, even her brothers approve.

So it should come as no shock when Moretz posted another adorable picture of the pair in the mirror. They stand with their eyes downcast, nearly-closed, as if they’re choosing not to look. Of course, we’re all looking at them and they’re even looking at themselves through a phone screen mirrored back to them. It’s meta enough to make one’s head throb.

The picture is captioned with an enigmatic dash. What could she mean by that? Well, a dash is inherently connective. But it’s also a black box, which on planes functions as a faultless record of where the plane has been. It’s indestructible but also inscrutable.

Either that or she thought it looked cool. We’ll never know.

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