Blac Chyna Gets Political With New ChyMoji Release

Blac Chyna has entered the emoji game. And if the 700-plus newly released images are any indication, she's not afraid to foray into politics, either. On Tuesday, Blac Chyna released "ChyMoji," which you can download for $1.99 on the App Store. (That's the same price you'd pay for Kim Kardashian's Kimoji and Amber Rose's MuvaMoji.) While many of the icons feature images of Chyna and Rob Kardashian — there's even one of them with a baby stroller — some of the images have taken on the 2016 presidential election.
One of the images features Chyna alongside former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with a speech bubble over Chyna that reads, "I'm with her." Another reads "Hillary/Chyna 2016," and the phrase is, oddly, accompanied by Obama's campaign logo. She also poses alongside Bernie Sanders, asking the Vermont senator, "Bernie is you burnin?" And it wouldn't be a political emoji set without a mention of the "Make America Great Again" Donald Trump hat — but Chyna's version of the cap reads "Make America Love Again."
Of course, while we encourage forms of political expression and hashtag — or in this case, emoji — activism, using campaign-themed images is far from the only way to impact the election. Make sure you can vote in the general election — and your state's primary, if it hasn't happened yet — by heading to Rock the Vote to complete your voter registration online.

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