Grimes Cutting Her Own Hair Is All Of Us Cutting Our Own Hair

Many of us have, at times, become fed up with the length, color, style, or all of the above, of our hair. And many of us have also reached points when we were too cheap, lazy, untrusting, or all of the above, to actually trek to a salon to do something about it. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and become hairstylists for the day. For some, it happened as early as age 6. For others, it was last week. And for Grimes, it was last night — when she documented her own at-home hair transformation process for all 540,000 of her Instagram followers to watch. Except, as with most of these stories, the final result didn't exactly go as planned. The hair-cutting saga started out like this: The singer posted a picture of herself with shoulder-grazing, ombré locks complete with bangs and a shot of pink. The caption read: "Do I keep cutting or quit while I'm ahead — should probably just go full [Scarface]." Our thoughts: If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes, yes, you should quit. (But you do you, girl.) The 28-year-old decided to continue. Her next move left her with what she describes as an "anime" look with no pink color in sight. This is when the second-guessing started to come into play: "Filled [with] regret and will probably buzz later, but for now I need a little bit to blow around in concert or my head-banging will be for naught," she wrote. And then she reached for the scissors...again. The final result, after lots o' snipping: a pretty badass pixie cut. Or, as she described it: "Elf demon [with] a pronounced mustache." Elf demon or throwback Linda Evangelista vibes? Either way, we applaud Grimes for her bravery. Although, we're not as thankful for all of the repressed hair-cutting nightmares that she has unearthed within us.

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