Anne Hathaway Gives Lemonade A "B"

They've posted their praise to Twitter. They've teased the Beyhive about their Becky status. They've gone to war against Piers Morgan. Yes, when it comes to BeyoncΓ©'s Lemonade, stars are clearly just like us, but better. Anne Hathaway's latest Instagram, however, may have missed the mark just a bit.

Yes, our minds are also blown by the album. But when you just write "B" on your hand like that, it looks a little bit like a letter grade. Perhaps an A++++ is what you meant to write? Then, there's the problem of the soundtrack to this little video, which happens to be "Halo," from 2008's I Am... Sasha Fierce.

Just kidding. Hathaway just had a baby, like, five minutes ago, so if she hasn't figured out how to edit her Instagram videos with the right songs, cut her some slack.

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