Matt McGorry Just Started A Feud With Piers Morgan Over Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images for GQ Magazine.
Since Matt McGorry knows you're very busy doing so many important things, the How To Get Away With Murder actor took it upon himself to school Piers Morgan in the ways of Beyoncé by starting a very level-headed Twitter feud. It all started after Morgan shared his opinion on Beyoncé's Lemonade in an essay for The Daily Mail that began with him talking about a lovely day the two had in London back in 2011. There was tea and Beyoncé told Morgan she felt she hadn't been judged by the color of her skin. "I think they look at me as an entertainer and a musician," she said then. "And I’m very happy about that because that’s how I look at people." But, five years later, Morgan believes that Beyoncé is shamelessly using her race as a way to sell her latest album. "The new Beyoncé wants to be seen as a Black woman political activist first and foremost, entertainer and musician second," Morgan says, before writing that he "preferred the old Beyoncé." But, as The Cut points out, McGorry being the woke bae he is, begs to differ with Morgan's take (again) on her latest album, which has her celebrating strong Black women, who endure even during the worst of times. And he felt he needed to let Morgan know this in a series of tweets that call him out for being a low-key racist. "A man who loves his mom can still be a misogynist, right? I don't believe that saying you have 'huge respect' for her (as an artist & businesswoman) doesn't mean you can't also be supporting racism (unbeknownst to you)," McGorry wrote. "It's no different than saying you have 'Black friends' and therefore can't be racist. Do you agree with that?"
Morgan definitely didn't, and shot back: "I think I'm allowed to critique Beyoncé's new very political work without being branded racist." But McGorry then made it clear that it's not the fact of Morgan's critiquing her work that's a problem, it's the way in which he's doing it that is at issue. "If you don't like the melodies that's one thing," McGorry wrote. "But if you're critiquing her way of speaking about her experiences as a Black woman (something you and I will never experience) you are essentially colluding with the status quo (which is the silencing and discrimination of Black women)." McGorry continued teaching Morgan a thing or two about racism, writing, "Truth is, no one sees themselves as racist. I can even imagine the KKK saying, 'We aren't racist it's just that Black people...' Racism exists on a spectrum and you don't have to 'feel hateful' to be doing a disservice to anti-racism and thus, supporting racism. Make sense?"
That's a question Morgan has yet to answer. Instead, he silenced this feud by posting a photo of Beyoncé and him with the very British question,"Tea & scones anyone?"
Since McGorry is slated to appear on Larry Wilmore's The Nightly Show tonight, it's likely this feud may continue for another day — probably without tea and scones, but maybe there will be a tall, cool glass of lemonade instead.

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