Must Read: Hermione Granger & The Style Files

Photo: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images.
It's been a while since Emma Watson — er, Hermione Granger — traded in her wand for Louis Vuitton baby bags. She's mastered Defense Against the Dark Arts and moved on to gender equality with her #HeForShe campaign. And somewhere along the way, found herself looting Dior Glossy sunglasses from Paris Hilton's closet. But finally, she's landed right where we knew she'd end up all along: Our style radar.

Every time we catch her on the red carpet, it looks like the outfits were made for her. And hey, some probably were. Her taste in outerwear, evening wear, (which, if you've kept up, is usually Dior), and business casual is impeccable. Like a wand from Ollivanders, her street style powers improve with age. From Hogwarts and beyond, ready your fingers to swish and flick through the slideshow of her best looks ahead.

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