Iggy Azalea Has A Pretty Badass Explanation For Not Wearing Her Engagement Ring

Photo: Larry Marano/REX/Shutterstock.
Nick Young liked it, so he put a ring on it. He may have fucked it up thereafter, maybe not. Regardless, fiancée Iggy Azalea is not obligated to keep said ring on her finger. The Australian rapper told TMZ as much when the paparazzi hounded her at LAX on Thursday. Azalea's ring — and her relationship status — has been an object of fascination in the tabloids since a video of Young allegedly confessing to cheating leaked in March and the couple postponed their wedding.
"I just have to know, what's it going to take for Nick to get you to put that ring back on the finger?" a pap asked. "I don't know, sometimes I have it on," Azalea said in the most "it's NBD" way possible. When pressed, she continued, "I just don't think women should have to wear their ring — like, it's not my job... It's nothing personal." Damn right it's not our job. Way to casually subvert tradition, Iggy. It's 2016 — bucking old ideas of matrimony and womanhood is kind of a thing these days. So who says a woman has to wear her engagement ring 24/7?
But possibly the singer's best reason for going sans ring? "Yeah, if it doesn't go with the outfit..." Zing! Interestingly, Azalea is changing her tune somewhat from an interview she gave earlier this month. "[Nick] doesn't deserve for me to be wearing his ring right now. We're not not engaged, but you have to, like, do some work for me to [see me] put the ring back on." You know what, Iggy? You don't have to explain the metal band around your finger — or lack thereof — to anybody.

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