Iggy Azalea’s Problems Aren’t With Fiancé Nick Young; They’re With The Internet

Iggy Azalea would have one fewer problem if the internet just got off her back. At least, that's what Azalea told Ellen DeGeneres when she sat down with the host on Friday to talk about the recent controversy surrounding her fiancé Nick Young. Young was accused of cheating after a leaked video taken by his Los Angeles Lakers teammate D'Angelo Russell seemed to reveal that he had been with a 19-year-old woman while he was engaged. But, Azalea says we shouldn't believe what we read on the internet. "We're good," Azalea said. "There isn't [controversy] at home just on the Internet."
This was the first time Azalea, who got engaged to Young last year, talked about the rumors in person. But she has been letting fans know on Twitter that despite the fact that they recently postponed their wedding, which actually happened before the video leak, she still has every intention of marrying Young. Azalea's even added a bit of humor to her tweets about the subject. This week, Azalea quelled fans' fears of a breakup after she was seen without her huge, yellow engagement ring, tweeting, "I was on my way to a photoshoot where i would need to remove it... would you leave a milli in the dressing room?" She does make a good point.
Perhaps the reason Azalea has been so laid-back about this recent scandal is that she's become used to having to defend herself against those who have a problem with her rapping, her skin color and her decision to have plastic surgery, something she told DeGeneres was a "personal choice" that she won't apologize for. But, Azalea doesn't think people on the internet are all bad, she just thinks the hate comes from a very specific group. "I think there's this really weird place on the internet where it's like, we call them trolls," Azalea said. "There's just a lot of people that take great joy in saying really awful things to people, so I got a lot of that."

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