This Supermodel Got Real About Maternity Clothes — & We Love Her For It

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.
Amid a seemingly endless parade of bra tops at Coachella, Behati Prinsloo interrupts your regularly scheduled Instagram programming with an important message: Maternity clothes can look amazing. That's right. If you were feeling meh about your pregnancy jeans, it's time to reveal them from beneath the confines of that boxy blouse for the world to see. Supermodel Behati Prinsloo, currently pregnant with her first child with husband Adam Levine, posted an Instagram shot of her first foray into maternity wear this weekend, and moms-to-be everywhere can rejoice in knowing that even models give in to the spandex hug of stretchy clothing at some point in their nine months. The Victoria's Secret veteran is apparently excited about her plunge into pregnancy style and wanted to share it with her 3.6 million followers. "Yup took the plunge. First pair of maternity jeans and it feels so good," she wrote (in the now deleted Instagram). And how good it must feel. So many expectant moms play this game of chicken with their pants, holding off until the last possible button can't close before finally giving in and buying pregnancy pants already. Because why trade your favorite denim for copycats with some leggings material tacked on top if you don't have to? (Of course when you try on a pair that doesn't cut off circulation to your bump you wonder why you waited so long.) But in the case of a supermodel who can otherwise be seen sharing photos of herself in a bikini when it's snowing outside, Prinsloo's pregnancy adventure makes pre-mom jeans look cool, not just comfy — and her mini bump means she's opting for those stretchy pants by choice. Shopping for maternity wear is an experience that's unique to anyone who takes it on, but here's a wink and nudge from Prinsloo who's keeping things very, very real.


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As for the make of Prinsloo's particular pair, we're not sure. But if you're in need of your own mom-to-be jeans to get you to the finish line, H&M sells them for, like, $35. For real.

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