This SNL Parody Makes A Serious Point About Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
If you've seen the commercials for God's Not Dead 2, the sequel to 2014's God's Not Dead, you'll appreciate this Saturday Night Live parody about anti-LGBTQ laws. In the sketch, which aired recently during Saturday's episode, Vanessa Bayer plays a baker who's forced to confront her personal beliefs when a gay couple asks her to make a cake for their wedding. The skit satirically portrays Bayer's character as a Christian hero, with a faux-inspiring commercial for a fake movie, God Is a Boob Man. The "trailer" bears more than a few resemblances to the actual trailers for God's Not Dead 2. Aside from being a spot-on parody, though, the sketch raises valid points about the LGBTQ discrimination laws that have been passed (and vetoed) in various states recently. In one scene, Bobby Moynihan plays a state governor whose state is facing widespread poverty, an obesity epidemic, and rampant teen pregnancies. However, when he hears about Bayer's character's fight to "deny basic goods and services to gay people," he demands that legislators focus their attention on discrimination, rather than on the other issues in the state. And if the sketch hits a little too close to home — it's a stark reminder that many state legislatures are in fact focusing their efforts on just these types of anti-LGBTQ bills. Check out the SNL sketch below.

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