If You See Lauren Conrad At Coachella, She’ll Probably Be Wearing These

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
At this point, Lauren Conrad's accomplishments post-Laguna Beach call for such a long résumé that it feels weird to still dub her a reality-television star. She's been a New York Times best-selling author multiple times (five after her most recent title, Celebrate); she helms multiple fashion labels (including a partnership with Kohl's), and now, she's giving back to communities across the globe with her lifestyle website, The Little Market.
Conrad's fair-trade e-commerce website aims to create change with every product it sells, by working with 30 different female artisan groups from over 16 countries to generate meaningful income via their art. The idea behind the site was simple: "We wanted to help women artisans earn a fair wage for their handmade goods. We knew that their items were worth more," Conrad told Refinery29.
Everything on the site is surprisingly affordable, and beneath each product you can learn more about the woman who made it or community it came from. The Little Market isn't the only site to be transparent about its do-good efforts, but it's always great to see empowering backstories behind the merch on offer.
As a side bonus, the site is a pinner's dream (likewise for anyone not on Pinterest but still totally down with LC's aesthetic). It's got it all: candles, laptop cases, table linens, an entire section called "gifts," baby stuff, and more. If you're not equipped with the patience to navigate Etsy, this is the destination for you.
As you're surely well aware, Coachella has kicked off, and The Little Market has all of your accessory needs covered (sans any offensive garb) — just check the slideshow of handmade bracelets ahead. We couldn't let Conrad go without asking her for a Coachella memory. It turns out, she's not quite the flower-crown queen we expected her to be. "I’ve only been once, actually! It was fun, but I’m not very good with big crowds. And it started to rain, so luckily I brought my Hunter boots with me," she said. While you're processing LC's surprising lack of Coachella experience (to each her own, right?) we'll be at The Little Market shopping for some arm candy. Holler if you need us.

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