Do We REALLY Want Scott & Kourtney To Get Back Together?

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Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have over a decade's worth of relationship peaks and rifts under their belt. After their initial meeting on a trip to Mexico in 2006, Disick and Kardashian have formed a family together with three children, a huge mansion, and an even bigger extended family. The two have never married. They've had their fair share of publicized fights. On top of that, Disick's committed a long series of betrayals, including cheating, partying, and moving out. Kardashian stuck around through most of it, until she finally ended things in the summer of 2015. Since then, things have seemed to be going well for the co-parents. Or at least that appeared to be the case up until this week, and now the internet is abuzz with rumors of the two reuniting. First there were the Snapchats, one of which features Disick saying, point-blank, "We're getting back together!" Today, it was a radio interview in which Disick again implied that the two may get back together in the future. Disick said he is not ruling anything out and still considers Kardashian the person he loves most in the world. Most people sound rather excited about it. But, to me, the question on everyone's mind has a pretty obvious answer. Should Kardashian and Disick give it another shot? All signs point to: Hell. No. The idea of Kardashian and Disick as soul mates — who are able to conquer the trials and tribulations of affairs, alcohol, and assuming absolutely zero accountability for their mistakes — is pretty unrealistic to me. In fact, it should not even be an end goal. Disick is still hanging around in and promoting night clubs like 1OAK even though that may not be the best idea for someone who's just been through substance-abuse treatment. Disick is Kardashian's "baby daddy," as she calls him, and he always will be. Scourtney as co-parents is great, in theory, and even pretty admirable. But, in my opinion, Scourtney as a committed couple should never happen again. Just because Disick says Kardashian is his best friend, or the love of his life, does not mean that Kardashian owes him anything. I don't think he should get a pat on the back, much less Kardashian's trust back, just for stating his feelings. Kardashian's single, Disick's single, and they should just leave it at that. The whole family is a tight-knit crew, so rather than ever kicking Disick out, Kardashian could try to let someone else in. So, in the words of Regina George, stop trying to make Scourtney happen! Unlike me, the internet is still pretty divided on the idea of the reviving Scourtney.
Where do you stand on the Scourtney situation? Will Lord Disick ever be selfless enough to put Kardashian first?

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