People Aren’t Happy About Scott Disick Being Dubbed An “Honorary Trans Woman”

A new promo for this Sunday's episode of I Am Cait is receiving backlash on social media. The clip shows Scott Disick joining Caitlyn Jenner and a group of her trans women pals for dinner. The gang instantly takes to Kourtney Kardashian's maybe-ex, and Candis Cayne dubs him an "honorary trans woman." His reaction? "I've been here 10 minutes." Jenner's friends may see Disick as an ally, but many people are taking to social media to decry their comments. "Inappropriate & tone-deaf," one user wrote. "Who's next Kardashian-adjacent trans woman? Kanye? Lamar? So trendy." "When Scott Disick is the voice of reason on I Am Cait it's easy to see the insane reasoning Jenner has," another person tweeted. I Am Cait was also called the most "trans-abusive, ignorant, and ridiculous show on TV." The outcry seems to be an extension of the criticism Jenner has faced from those who see her conservative politics as being at odds with her new status as a trans advocate. Without seeing the full episode, including the context of Cayne's remark, however, it may be best to reserve judgment. See the clip in question, below.

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