We Can’t Wait To Fly In The Airplane That The Internet Built

Photo: Courtesy of Airspace.
We all know what a nightmare flying can be. But now, Airbus has revealed plans for a new plane that's customer-approved. According to Mashable, Airbus revealed its new cabin design, called Airspace, in London last week. And the aircraft manufacturer credited the internet for inspiring their designers and vocalizing what changes they wanted to see in a plane cabin. "[Customers], through social media, are...comparing one airline versus another, they're comparing one seat versus another,” said Dr. Kiran Rao, executive vice president of strategy and marketing at Airbus, told Mashable. “They're comparing the experience they have from one airline to another. That is what has driven the change from what we've done in the past.”
That's right, all that tweeting, sharing, and snapchatting got through to the people at Airbus and they used the feedback for their new design. Airbus’s new A330neo aircraft is set to launch in 2017. It offers more space, including wider seats as standard and no under-seat control boxes for the in-flight entertainment system — which means more legroom! The layout and design of the cabin has been made more modular, so each airline can customize the layout of their planes, which should mean wider aisles that aren’t taken over by lavatories and trollies.
The planes will offer improved built-in broadband connectivity, so passengers can use their phones and tablets, and even make calls and send text messages. There's also more room for luggage overhead and the Airspace also has mood lighting and environmental settings, so passengers will be less disoriented after flights. Every airline that purchases an Airspace can customize it, so planes may not look exactly like the concept images here, but very well could. Check out Airbus's video promo for Airspace, below. Keep sharing your thoughts on how plane travel could be better, it's obviously making a difference!