Why Are So Many People Hating On Gigi & Zayn’s Relationship?

Gigi Hadid, 20, is a supermodel with a growing résumé, which includes directing, acting, and designing. Zayn Malik, 23, is a singer and veteran of a much-obsessed-over boy band, One Direction. But you already know all of this. Because individually, they're both quite famous, especially with the young crowd. They are each trendsetters in their own right, and have millions of followers eager to see their every move. So, why do people hate them so much as a couple? On March 23, Hadid posted a black-and-white picture of Malik on Twitter with the caption, "I mean.... " (which in internet language, translates to: "Look how hot/sexy my boyfriend is. Really, just look"). Needless to say, it ignited a lot of backlash. Mostly from jealous tweens, but also from some followers who really cut deep into Hadid and her love life. "Practice how to walk properly instead of having a new bf every 2 weeks," one Twitter user, Modelior, replied in a since-deleted tweet. Damn. Hadid responded to defend her dating history saying, "I've dated 3 guys in 3 yrs, hun. My walk can always get better; I hope the unrelated bitterness in ur heart can too." That random follower is far from the only one to comment with utter disapproval of the union of Zigi. The dissatisfaction spans far and wide among fans, who blast both Hadid and Malik on Instagram and Twitter any time they post about each other or their relationship.
The two main reasons that their own fans seem to be turning against the couple's public displays of affection are: 1. They want the stars to get back with their exes:
And, 2. They think it's all a publicity stunt:
Hadid's two previous beaus, Joe Jonas and Cody Simpson, seemed to face less criticism. Or at least, from what we can recall, since Hadid deleted every photo she had posted with Jonas, and most of the ones with Simpson (though she did keep this nearly nude one). Hadid's previous relationships were a lot more public — Hadid and Malik haven't even been photographed at an event together yet — which may be another reason why her fans are rebelling. Who knows if Zigi will withstand the test of time, fame, and berating haters — but in the meantime, why can't everyone just let them live? In other words:
via Instagram.
via Instagram.

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